Official website of Global ONE Group. As we know,  the field of Dentistry has recently discovered benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Thank to this, nowadays the field of Neuro Linguistic Dentistry (ONE) is widely recognized. This is of paramount importance in any dental doctor’s office and cannot be ignore.

Global ONE Group’s is a leader and pioneer in the field of professional refresher courses and modernization in this country through Neuro-Linguistic Dentistry, and it restates its responsibility and compromise when it comes to diversifying the educational market with training programs and permanent education through courses, associate’s degrees, and master’s designed for the modernization and refreshing of previous alumni, teachers, students, and staff.

Neurolinguistic Dentistry (ONE) is a system based on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). It allows the dentist to transform more variables of his environment, to the key of decision-making variables in the Patient via an attitude, methodology, and effective thinking communication strategy. Placing its offer within the emotion that the Patient himself generates. This would lead us to consolidate more efficient roads of connection and maximize, thus, the relationship with the Patient, making him ready and motivated, which eventually begets solid arguments for acceding to, accepting, and recommending your dental services.

Neurolinguistic Dentistry (ONE) is based on the fundamental principle that all experience (emotion) is “subjective” and that all conduct (Patient) has a structure that can be analyzed, intervened into, modified, or improved.

We are the most important group in Mexico for the practice, diffusion, and teaching of Neuro-Linguistic Dentistry (ONE), Hypnodoncy, and Dentistry Coaching in the dental practice. This training is cumulative and results in an extra value of quality that is yields immediate competitive results.